Is it challenging to write an expert text or blog because you feel you don’t have the time or expertise for it? No worries, Commia’s Ghostwriting service produces texts on behalf of you or your company’s experts – reliably and professionally.

Most experts and companies suffer from a lack of resources and expertise in content production. Relevant content should be produced, but no time, expertise or factors can be found. The fact is also that not everyone has the skill to produce quality text – and can it even be required?

Commia Ghostwriting service provides help and expertise for content production bottlenecks. A ghostwriter can help write blogs, expert texts, speeches, social media content or any channel-independent expert and business content. We produce all texts fluently in Finnish and English.

Do you hesitate? No reason, because we have the ability to structure and write your thoughts into text that you feel is yours. Here’s how Commia’s easy Ghostwriting service works:
– We do the interview
– we write the text, which we send to you for comments
– we will make the necessary edits based on your comments
– we’ll provide you with the text you’ve approved, which you can publish on your preferred channel

Tell us about your needs and ask for a quote!

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