What does responsibility mean for Lunawood Oy and how are customers and partners communicated about it? We set out to find an answer to this challenge in collaboration with Lunawood, a pioneering company in thermal wood products. Love for the Forest is at the heart of everything Lunawood does and around this core message we set out to define a corporate sustainability communications strategy and English content in collaboration with Lunawood.
The end result was the Lunawood Sustainability Love Story, which clarifies the various aspects and manifestations of sustainability across the organization and gives a backbone for communicating it both inside and outside of the company.
During the work, we defined clear core messages, created storytelling texts that are easy to utilize channel-independently in different situations and communication channels. In addition, Lunawood got hashtags used on social media. Commia thus created complete sustainability recipes, the ingredients of which Lunawood immediately had access to in practical work.