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ANT Plant brings new era to manufacturing

How about taking manufacturing into your own hands instead of shifting it to overseas? With ANT Plant microfactory manufacturing is effortless and profitable – even in your own backyard. 

Unfortunately most companies are turning to low-cost overseas manufacturers to produce their goods. ANT Plant offers an appealing, cost-effective alternative to traditional manufacturing – one that can be built in your own backyard. – Each ANT Plant microfactory is fully scalable and monitored remotely by EID Tech for data tracking, analysis for preventive maintenance, and supported by a centralized regional parts hub to keep production levels running smoothly, Paavo Käkelä, EID Tech Chairman of the Board explains.

Founded in 2009, EID Tech is a company that designs and sells automation and robotics solutions for small- and large-scale applications. – We take pride in working together with our clients to find the most cost-effective solutions to any automation challenges that they may face. After several years of development work we´re now ready to introduce a concept that will disrupt industrial automation as we know it.

Bring your production closer

Most companies are thrilled at the prospect of bringing manufacturing closer to home, especially if it saves time and money. – With ANT Plant you don’t even have to be an automation specialist to produce competitively priced, high-end products locally. You only need to focus on your own business development and ANT Plant handles the rest. It´s a full-service concept that includes everything from the automated assembly line to quality testing and packaging, EID Tech CEO Jari Helminen adds.

And since the ANT Plant microfactory is located where your products are needed, it allows companies to save on energy and distribution costs and reduce the time it takes to deliver their goods to market.

All-inclusive service concept 

What does it mean that ANT Plant is an all-inclusive service concept?. – We monitor the production line remotely 24/7 via a secure network, and provide on-line and on-site support services as needed. We develop and pre-test the final product to ensure quality. Our centrally located, fully stocked regional parts hub guarantees the flow of manufacturing materials to keep your micro-factory performing at its best, Käkelä says.

Proven concept with great results

ANT Plant has already proved to be the brightest way to manufacture LED lighting at Valtavalo ANT Plant. – This particular ANT Plant shows that it can deliver high-quality products to market faster, and provide high-production success and competitive profit margins, Helminen states.



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