Paroc reference story: MOW Supernova Tampere

Commia has produced the MOW Supernova Tampere reference story for Paroc Ownes Corning.

Coworking hub Tampere Ratina shines with color, courage, retro and art. The Tampere MOW has plenty of high room space and hard surfaces so in this project special attention was paid to acoustics. – The characteristics of this space brought its own challenges to acoustics, so we designed more acoustic surfaces on the walls. We discussed with Architect Onni Lahtinenhow acoustics could be a natural part of space and interior design. We found PARAFON Step acoustic panel, which we decided to use as visual elements on the walls, since it allowed us to play with the product and create varied surfaces, level differences and patterns, says Interior Designer Roosa Riski.

Like work of art, the PARAFON Step acoustic panel has been indeed used in different shades on the walls in MOW office spaces. The acoustic ceilings of the conference rooms and a few working rooms are covered with PARACEM acoustic panels.

– We liked the wood-based material and vivid surface of the product. We are pleased with our choice, because the rough surface of the roof creates a really warm atmosphere in the premises, Riski praises. Read the whole story!

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