Paroc reference story: MOW Supernova Tampere

Coworking hub Tampere Ratina shines with color, courage, retro and art. The Tampere MOW has plenty of high room space and hard surfaces so in this project special attention was paid to acoustics. – The characteristics of this space brought its own challenges to acoustics, so we designed more acoustic surfaces on the walls. We discussed with Architect Onni Lahtinen how acoustics could be a natural part of space and interior design. We found PARAFON Step acoustic panel, which we decided to use as visual elements on the walls, since it allowed us to play with the product and create varied surfaces, level differences and patterns, says Interior Designer Roosa Riski.

Like work of art, the PARAFON Step acoustic panel has been indeed used in different shades on the walls in MOW office spaces. The acoustic ceilings of the conference rooms and a few working rooms are covered with PARACEM acoustic panels.
– We liked the wood-based material and vivid surface of the product. We are pleased with our choice, because the rough surface of the roof creates a really warm atmosphere in the premises, Riski praises.
Wave tin and space chimpanzees

The Art Deco architecture of the building and MOW’s space theme is a combination that has created MOW Tampere the greatest place to work. The site was delicious for Mint & More interior design team and roofing contractor.

– The starting point was juicy. Our task was to combine interior design with a partially protected Art Deco building and the MOW’s future work concept which draws from the space. We ended up with a retro-futuristic theme that combines retro elements, future and space. You can also find a touch of motor world in the interior, as the building was previously used for car imports. You can find industrial wave tin in the meeting rooms, retro-style caravan in the event space, 3D-printed astronauts as toilet signs and colorful art around the space.

One of MOW’s most shocking rooms is the space-chimpanzee unisex toilet. Opening the door is almost frightening: a face of a giant chimpanzee with mirror eyes is staring you from the wall.

– The chimpanzee was sent to space before human being, so that’s why the chimpanzee, Riski explains.

The workspace must sound good

MOW Ratina was a dream project for Mint & More designers.

– It was wonderful that we were able to design so boldly and we didn´t have to be serious. We also had the opportunity to reflect on how workspaces can provide the best possible framework for future work. Acoustics have a significant role in it and we as designers have a duty to consider it carefully. It is not enough for the space to look good, it must also sound good.

Colorfully without waste

Roosa says that they also turned to Paroc as the interior design work progressed.

– Together we discussed the product sizes, combinations and colors. We would have had the opportunity to order product samples from Paroc, but unfortunately the schedule did not give up. However, the most important thing was that we were able to accurately determine the color shades of the products. We are happy with the end result, as roof surfaces and wall artwork flow seamlessly together.

MOW Ratina is designed to meet the highest level of international environmental certification.

– We pay attention to ecology in the choice of materials. In the case of acoustics, it was important to pay attention to the optimization of the product during the installation and the minimization of waste. We designed the acoustic patterns of the walls so that they could be created by using ready-made pieces.

A bold and interesting project

MOW Ratina was also an interesting project from the roofing contractors’ point of view.

– We created glass walls, ceilings and acoustic cladding. The schedule was brisk, but the project itself so interesting that it was a pleasure to be involved, says Sauli Mesiranta, Regional Director of Inlook Oy. According to Mesiranta, they have a long experience of Paroc acoustic products, but PARAFON Step was a new acquaintance.

– It was a interesting to use ceiling acoustic panels for acoustic wall cladding. PARAFON Step is a product which allows you to, in addition to excellent acoustics, create a personal look and a vivid surface in different colors. We fixed the patterns according to the finished wall diagram, but we modified the chart slightly to avoid cutting the panels. The end-result was stylish, Mesiranta comments and adds: – Installation is easy with any Paroc product. However, installing this product was a bit slower since we were actually creating an acoustic art piece. Everything went well however.

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