Why not Vantaa: Vantaa is full of cultural events

Vantaa is a diverse cultural city with events for people of all ages. The activities and events are not concentrated in just one center, as Vantaa has seven major districts, each of which hosts events. It is easy to get to all the events by the Ring Rail Line, even straight from the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport.

-Vantaa has its own events as well as events organized in cooperation with external participants. The events include open-air film screenings, music festivals, dance events, a baroque music festival, summer theater, and a light art exhibition, says Erika Poikolainen, Cultural Manager of the City of Vantaa.

In addition to paid events, there is also plenty of free cultural offerings, such as environmental art. In Leinelä you can see Anni Laakso’s artwork “Puuhaltijankolo” and in Myyrmäki you will find fascinating street art, the creation of which the Young Artist of the Year Jesse Pasanenwas involved.

-All our cultural events are designed to be significant events for Vantaa. The settings are always varied, and each event has high-quality content.

Local experience

You do not necessarily need to understand the local language to attend cultural events in Vantaa. Many events also have English content. An international guest can experience the genuine local, warm and friendly atmosphere when visiting a cultural event in Vantaa. An atmosphere that can only be experienced in Vantaa.

-The events organized in Vantaa are for the most part medium-sized events, not mass events, as in our neighbor Helsinki. Therefore, the events in Vantaa are very communal and warm-hearted. There are also many events organized by the townspeople themselves, which adds a nice spice to the offering of Vantaa’s cultural events, Poikolainen points out.

One such event is Why So Myrtsi – Myyrmäki Arts Night. -Why So Myrtsi is an annual festival spreading throughout the Myyrmäki area. The program includes music, art, tours, shows, and local food offerings. The event is organized by local activists together with local functionaries, and the atmosphere on a warm and fun August evening is absolutely insane.

The full range of Vantaa events can be found in the event calendar at or on the VisitVantaa website.

Text: Elina Viitanen

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